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CryptoPhages infect the Cardano Blockchain!

10,000 unique Phages exist, get your wallet infected today!

There are 4 different families!


Humanophages are the most common Phages you will encounter – they appear in various colors and are the newest evolution of all phages.


Bacteriophages are the last of their kind. They are strong and agile. Only a few members of this rare species are still alive, and are ready to infect!


Zombeophages are feared by all Phages. Their broken capsid spreads viral genomes uncontrollably and they are unstoppable! Luckily, only a few of them exist.


Megaphage chilensis – nobody knows what they are and how they live – only one thing is for sure: they are the rarest of them all!

g̶͖̐̀ẹ̵̛̪͓̀̈́̋ṉ̷͛̅̉̀ò̷͖̠̮̲̊̂̍͜͝m̸̫̥̀̾̈́̎̅͜e̵̮͑͘:̶͙̻̣͜͝:̵̨̢̱̠̐̎̀͊̕ ̸̨̲̰͓͛̋̌X̶͎̟̋̀Ń̷͉͑̈́͝A̵̛̹̮̎̂̕

They have different Genomes!

There exist 3 different genomes among all Phages. The genome determines the color of the Capsid (Head):

The most common is the DNA-Phage that has a white capsid.

Rarer are the RNA-Phages that have red capsid.

The rarest are the XNA-Phages, which have a black capsid.

Get rewarded with Genetic Tokens!

The more phages you hold, the more tokens you can claim! Read more on this page and get rewarded! Or visit the store, to exchange your token with exclusive CNFTs

How to buy your NFT

Wallet address:


Price in ₳ (ADA)

Send exactly the amount of ADA specified to this address to receive your CryptoPhage(s)! When sending ADA to this Address, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Your transaction will be queried and as soon as possible automatically processed.

⚠️ Don’t send ADA from any exchange, use a Daedalus, Nami or Yoroi Wallet to send funds. Also, make sure to send from a Shelly Wallet.

Official PolicyID: