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On this page, you will find all the Puzzles and if they are solved or not. Whoever solves the puzzles first, will get a free random Phage!

✅:        Solved
❌:   Unsolved

The first Puzzle was the QR-Code on the Homepage. In the “How to buy” Section, there was a address placeholder for paying the NFT. But since the NFT did not launch back then, there was this placeholder with the flag:

The second puzzle was a question regarding the Design of the Phages: Why are the RNA Phages colored Red?

We really got a lot of creative answers, but this is the correct one:

In textbooks we often find RNA colored red! You should know this: DNA/RNA/Proteins has no real color, we just give them colors so we can see the different parts better. Corona also is not red, its just colored this way.

The second puzzle was a crossword. It was solved by two people almost at the same time, so both were granted the CryptoPhage for their efforts! Here is the puzzle (solution below):

And here is the solution:

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This puzzle was just guessing a number between 0-100.


The winning number was 63, chosen by Python.