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Terms and Conditions

First we clarify how the custom made point of sale system (POS) works. When sending any ADA to the Address given in this Website you agree with the following Terms and Conditions listen in Section 1.2.

Section 1.1:
POS System

Any Cardano send to this Address will be evaluated separately. If you send the correct amount of Cardano specified, you will receive your token (if not sold out) either immediately or later, depending on the query position. 

However, if you send the following things, this will happen:

You send less than 5 ADA: You will not receive a token and this will be taken as a tip. Thank you!

You send more than 5 ADA but less than the price: You will receive no token and your paid ADA minus 3 ADA fee back.

You send the exact amount of ADA: You will receive your CryptoPhage (if not sold out).

You send up to 10 ADA more than the price: The system will not return the slightly more paid ADA, but will keep it as a tip. [received_ada < price + 10 ADA]. You will receive your CryptoPhage (if not sold out).

You send way too much ADA: When you send more than (price + 10 ADA), you will receive a refund based on the send ADA minus a 3 ADA fee. You will also receive a CryptoPhage (if not sold out)

You send other tokens: You will get them back automatically with the same logic as above except for one exception: You send less than 3 ADA and some tokens with it. The transaction will be saved and you need to contact us and provide the wallet with ADA to pay the sending fees!

You also agree that all transactions are logged for support purposes.

Section 1.2:
Terms and Conditions

By sending ADA to the specified address you agree to the following:

Refunds for overpaid tokens and ADA (referring to Cardano) can take a long time depending on the network utilization.

Don’t send your entire wallet to the specified Address (watch out with Yoroi!)

If the NFTs are sold out, refunds will be processed, but in a second phase which will take additional time. Be patient!

You can only buy one NFT with one transaction, any overpaid ADA will just be returned.

You agree that the Refund values are flexible (+- 2 ADA) to trigger a specific event (refund/transaction rejection), due to changing transaction fees.

Don’t send any ADA from a exchange, this will lead to a loss of the NFT!

Use a Shelly-era wallet that supports (non-)fungible tokens.

Section 1.3:
Contact and Help

Your refund is False? You are not sure if your Transaction was correct? You didn’t get over-send tokens back? That should not happen. But if it happened for whatever reason, contact us!